Saturday, June 20, 2009

Epilogue: Solar Panels

Solar Panels on our Project!!!!!

This all went down a few weeks back but I'm just getting around to writing about it now. Sorry for the delay. But they are bought, they are delivered, and they are installed! Only, you know . . . one year or so later than we expected.

Installing the first two - they went in great. Easy as pie.

Look - we were even safe and tied in and everything. Dare I say . . . professional?

But the important part is that they are in! And they look fantastic. They are subsidized by NYSERDA which is why it took so long to purchase them. But they were well worth the wait. Johnny, Jason, Carrie, Star and I went up on a saturday a few weeks back to install - really just a matter of a few bolts and its done. The electricians still need to finish up before the power is actually flowing to the building, but that will happen real soon. Mostly its just great to see them up - I think they change the look of the project pretty significantly. If only we'd had these up for all the press photos and such - would have been great. But at least I can finally put a real photo of the project in my portfolio.

Carrie Shulz - underneath.

Jason - trapped on top as we put in the last one. He's still up there. We bring him a sandwich every now and then.

Look how cool the cable X-Bracing looks now!

And even the sedums are coming in nicely. Lotta color for such small plants.

So in other fun news. I'm graduated now. A Master of Architecture thank you very much. John and I have been hired by Parsons to help Joel run this years Design Workshop over the summer - they are redesigning and building out the Architecture and Lighting Design Studio space on the 2nd and 3rd floors of 25E 13th Street. A really beautiful project. We are just entering full production mode next week - we've been revising details, ordering materials and scheduling for the last few weeks. So far the project is going great and I'm having a blast working with the new Workshop crew. Fun Fun Fun.

If you're interested in checking out the project, feel free to visit their brand new website here:

Just went up yesterday - make sure to check back too cus' we'll be adding pictures all summer as the project moves forward.

So, things are great here. Who knows what fall will bring - there seem to be plenty of opportunities right now and who knows what else will pop up as the summer roles along. But the Workshop has been the best part of my Parsons experience - and hopefully this won't be the last of it.

Who knows -
maybe they'll let me come back and help next summer too . . .

Just how I pictued it. Maybe even a little better.


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