Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thursday / Friday, In Pictures.

No time to write about this right now cus I gotta run to work. But here's some pics of the last few days. The steel is all up and the greenhouse base is in! Such a beautiful week too - I can't believe how lucky we've been. This is so

The pavilion with all the steel up - Solar Panel brackets up on top - no panels though, won't be ready until October.

Shulzie and Jason just hangin out up top.

Jason and Star, kickin the steel's butt.

Star, Jason and Shulzie. The 'up-high-crew': ready to install some PV brackets.

Jason and Star - way too relaxed for two people who are hanging out 20 feet up in air.

Shulzie: Badass steel-walker.

Carrie and Jason, moving PV brackets into position.

Johnny and Star. The first few brackets took some work to get in. We got 'er though.

And now that we're up so high you can see our project from the road! How awesome is that!!!

Johnny, putting cross-bracing on his PV brackets.

Johnson. Look at that great X-Bracing. It was my Dad's idea to do it all out of steel rod instead of cable and it made the installation WAAY easier. Thanks Dad!

Pavilion from the south. Man the site is a mess. We gotta start to install some of this stuff. And fast.

The East Garden started going in too on Thursday!

Meghan, Carrie and Jason: putting up the herb garden.

Friday Johnny started framing in the Low Roof so that Star and I could start putting up the greenhouse.

Solvieg and Meg with their baby - the vertical garden. Man it is so cool.

Star installing the greenhouse base.

Friday we got the whole base installed for the greenhouse - we can start installing today. Yee ha!

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