Friday, August 29, 2008

A Much Better Day.

Site panorama. The low roof changes the space so much - I think it makes it feel so much bigger. I sure wish this garden was on MY roof! Thats for sure.

Today I got a LOT more done. Still not quite enough - but I think we are in good shape to finish the kitchen walls and trim them out tomorrow. Star and I got all the walls framed in - we'll put the polycarb to them tomorrow and I'll finish the 'wings' off the greenhouse and get the Ipe trim done as well.

Star, laying out kitchen walls. We got so much more done today - I feel much better about it all than I did last night.

Installing the kitchen walls. Use the same detailing as the greenhouse. Polycarb tomorrow. They will look fantastic.

Carrie started putting together the Perf panels that go around the greenhouse base. It'll look so good once they are in.

Tomorrow is technically the last day of the workshop. But the project is far from finished and so we'll be back quite a bit over the next few months. We'll be back tuesday of the next few weeks - and hopefully once NCS takes control of the building (October?) we will come back on some weekends to install things like the ceiling and the Solar panels.

Johnny upstairs installing cable x-bracing on the PV brackets. Waterproofint he roof tomorrow?

Tory, Steph and Jon got the 'bars' in around the columns and vents on the east side. They look great! They use the richlite CNC panels to screen the vents.

NCS is super happy with what we've done so far, and they are totally cool with hiring contractors to finish the project. But this really isn't about us fulfilling our responsibility to NCS, or completing our 'Scope of Work' - this is about creating us something beautiful, and taking pride in what we're doing as builders and designers. And that means that you don't leave a 90% finished project - whether you've completed your 'obligations' or not. I love this project and there is nothing I want more than to finish it and walk away from something I can be proud of. So I'm sure I'll be back a bunch over the next few months and I'll do everything I can to get it done.

But there really isn't that much that we are leaving unfinished. We have to finish paint the steel, install the ceiling once it is finished (its being CNC milled - shoule be done in a few weeks), installing the PV, finishing the electric and the lighting, and a bunch of punch-list stuff on the gardens. But the bulk of the project is there - and its gorgeous. The roof feels so much different now, and I am so proud of what we've built already. I'll feel even better once it is finished.

Anyway - tomorrow we've got a ton to do. We'll get 'er though. I promise.

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