Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That 's Steel on the Roof my Friends!

Steel on the Roof!

Oh yeah! What a day. I feel so good right now.

We got our steel on the roof today! We got all the steel except for the big Girders up on the roof today - and I feel super sure about our method, so I don't have any worries about doing those last three pieces first thing tomorrow morning.

The morning was a little slow, we got the Genie lifts, plywood and the grasshopper up on the roof - but we had to wait till after lunch to start the steel. Tony and the guys from Mega were absolutely amazing and did all the lifting for us with their Lull. They are so helpful, and super excited about our project. The best.

Jason and Tony up on the Parapet receiving. Don't worry - we were harnessed in the whole time.

So we brought everything up over the edge with the Lull, we tried a couple different methods but in the end we decided to load the steel on top of the forks and then raise the Genies up high, sling the beams, and slide them in over the parapet. Kind of a dicey maneuver and it meant that Jason and I had to be standing up on top of the parapet (we were tied in the whole time - don't worry) to make the hand off. But man! We got it!

And tomorrow we'll get the big Girders. No problem. Not even worried for one little minute.

And then its just all about the permit. Gotta have it before we can do any real work. But for now, lets just revel in the awesomeness of getting 16 thousand pounds of steel up on the roof without a crane. Yup, saved yourself about 15 grand today. Way to go troops.

Johnny and Steph on our Grasshoper. Man did that thing save our butts today.

Star and Joel - Thats our Genie Lift. We needed every bit of those things today.

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