Saturday, April 12, 2008

Field Trip!!!!

Magnolia Plaza.

What a great day. I was sitting in Studio around noon time - using Ecotect to study the solar exposure of the Greenhouse and trying to work on a louver/shading system - when I looked out the window, saw how sunny and beautiful it was outside, and decided that I had to study sunlight in a different way. So Carrie, Jason and I decided to head on a field trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to get some inspiration and to get ourselves jazzed up for gardening! It was so awesome - its still a little early for a lot of the stuff there - but the cherry blossoms and the Magnolias were absolutely amazing and it was still just fantastic to get out of the studio.

Just take a second and imagine what this smelled like. Yeah. Just like that- only better.

Magnolias . Unbelievable.

The Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese Garden.

Hmm - what do you think? Maybe we should detail our greenhouse like this one. no?

We met up with Johnny and Keen out in Brooklyn before hitting the garden and they came with us - we saw lots of stuff we all really liked and also lots of stuff that we don't want to see on our roof. Mostly though - it just got us all super excited about gardening, After a whole winter trapped indoors designing a roof garden from behind a computer screen, it was great to touch real plants for a change.

The BBG also has a nice Native section, and a little demonstration exhibit of composting techniques. Good to see how they constructed their bins - keep it simple.

Keen, Johnny, Jason & Carrie in the Native Plants walk.

Composting bins.

Composting underneath benches. Something we might be able to do too since we have lots of built in seating.

Johnny trying to steal himself a sweet new ride.

Really beautiful place, I loved it there - I can't wait to go back during the summer when everything is blooming. One of these days I'll have to hit the New York Botanic Garden too - I've never been and they tell me its amazing.

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