Monday, July 14, 2008

Is There Anything More Fun Than Woodworking?

East Window Frame corner detail. The way it laps, it hides the dado inside. Should turn out pretty nice.

Cus' I don't think so. Jon and I went to town today on the window frame joints for the East side of the greenhouse - we got a lot done with me laying out and Jon cruising with the milling, and also Star got the sedum-tray framing put together, and Tory did some trim work this morning, so all in all the greenhouse keeps on rollin'. The window framing is pretty damn complicated though - so we've got at least another day of milling before we can really start assembling. We tried to redesign the joints so that the dado for the aluminum doesn't ever show on the outside of the frame, since you can see all the corners and they are right at eye-level. What that means though, is that there is an inside corner on each piece. Yeah. And you better hope you have a sharp chisel. Which reminds me, I should sharpen those before I head out tonight. Alright, back to it . . .

Jon chiseling the crazy joints. Yeah, you know you love it.

Star's Sedum framing. You really do that miter yourself? Maybe we'll make a woodworker out of you yet.

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