Monday, July 21, 2008

Laying Out on Site. Greenhouse Goes to Punchlist.

I was on site all morning with Carrie and Jason beginning to lay out the footings for the steel, and yikes - I'm super nervous about it. This is the part where we can really ruin somebody's perfectly good building by poking holes in the ceiling in the wrong place. So I'm super stressed about getting it exactly right. BUT, after laying out the bearing walls, it looks like we are perfectly on target. All the dims from the drawings were accurate to a sixteenth, and it looks like everything is just where we thought it was (not always the case unfortunately!). Thats a huge load off. Since we still don't have a permit I can't really tear into the roof and lay out for real - but it was good to at least get our heads screwed on.

Johnny kept the crew moving downstairs as well, and it looks like one more day of fabrication on the steel, and then its on to the roof wed!

You aint never seen a steel worker like this guy before. Thats just how we roll these days though.

Makin' steel.

Johhny and Jon, moving steel.

I came back to he shop around mid day and jumped back on the greenhouse. Were into punchlists now, so that is both good and bad. Its good cus it means we are getting towards the end! But its bad cus this little stuff always takes forever.

Hopefully we can get a good chunk of it done tomorrow though, and then, on to steel.

Greenhouse punchlist.

Greenhouse, Eaves are done. Still gotta cut the rafter tops.

Star and I hung the west side windows the other day and they all came out really nice. Piano hinges. Killer.

I had to add this little detail to allow for us to run wiring up to the lamps which run along the inside of the horizontal piece. Didn't want to just run conduit so we built this little cavity.

Top to the conduit cavity.

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