Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sharp chisel and a pull saw. What more do you need?

We've been rollin on the greenhouse fabrication for the last couple days and we are really close to being ready for assembly. A little more tomorrow and then we can start puttin the thing up! The Ipe is actually working great - its so hard though - its more like carving stone rather than wood. But it holds an edge incredibly well and if you keep your tools sharp it can be worked.

East and West side columns.

The columns and the rafters have some crazy shapes though - and so its taking a lot longer than I had expected. I'm doing most of it by hand too since there are a lot of cuts that would take longer to make a jig for than to just do with a chisel. Its pretty fun.

Greenhouse pieces. Columns, Rafters, Sills and Mullions.

Its so nice get to get in the shop for a change. The logistics of the crane and the steel and all the nonsense is pretty under control at this point as well - so I can finally relax and play with wood now without as much stress. Awesome.

Meg and Solveig as raising the moss wall too.

Kristen, cleaning steel.

Carrie, Star and Jason are trying to figure out the steel paint situation as well. Tests of different preps and application methods.

Greenhouse land. Hopefully we can start assembling tomorrow.

West Garden Planters. They are using the sedum trays inlaid into the planters.

Steph and Tory, straightening some of the Black Locust.

Carrie and Jason - North Gardening.

Jason and Carrie have been putting the North garden planters together too. Applying slatting! Yeah!

Our shop - Carving Ipe Columns and such.

Black Locust. We're going to leave it rough - only 2 or three passes. Hopefully will save us some time.

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