Saturday, March 1, 2008

Work Week

After the client presentation (really only a week ago?) we've been working as a group of 14 to come up with a single scheme which responds to the feedback we received, as well as revising ideas that weren't fully worked out yet. We began by meeting last thurdsday, right after the presentation, to go over what the client's responses were and to make some basic decisions about our proposal.

After that meeting, we split ourselves up into smaller groups again to study more specific zones more intensely. The Enclosure, the Dining / East Side, the Circle, the PV / Canopy and the Garden. We've been refining our work all this past week and meeting informally to present what we've been finding. Tory and Meg have been doing a pretty in-depth code survey and we've all been gathering much more specific info about things like weight, cost, materials and such. So today we are meeting as a large group to really try and work out a lot more of the details and make some real decisions. I think the biggest questions right now is the Enclosed portion. I know the clients really really wanted a 4 season space but code / cost / design wise I just don't know if it is feasible. We'll see. Anyway - for now, just some shots from the meeting and us working this past week.

Thursday meeting, after the presentation.

Carrie and I in Garden Land

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