Friday, May 16, 2008

This is What You Call a Week Off?

Well it certainly has been quite a week - not exactly what I would call a 'week off', but still entertaining. Wed. we went and schmoozed at the NCS fundraising party. Very funny scene. There are many, many 'New Yorks' out there which are, lets just say, different than the one I inhabit. It was really fun to show off the project though, and hopefully we made some money out of the whole thing! And of course, an open is bar is always a nice touch.

Yesterday was the AIDL graduation which was great. Carrie, Jason and I went to hoot and hollar for our peeps. Star and Danny almost fell off the stage which was hilarious - Danny recovered with a flourish though (of course). After the ceremony we came back to the studio for a reception which meant I started drinking champagne at like 2 in the afternoon. So lets just say - yesterday wasn't quite as productive as I had originally planned. A bunch of us folks went for pickles and beer after we polished off the last of the free eats in studio, but we were foiled again, as Jimmies remains closed under suspicious circumstances. (well, ok, that last part isn't actually true, but it sounded good - right?) Things were all fine and good however cus' we ended up in some mellow little bar and drank the rest of the day (and night) away. Very nice.

Today I had to run into the office for a bit to meet with Jack and Michael (I'm gonna be working for SMWM on the weekends/nights - at least until the Workshop gets crazy and we start having to work 24/7 again) For now I'm working on some fun stuff for a Bard College Master Plan they are producing. I have to do a little massing/facade redesign for the new Music Conservatory and then do some quick visualizations. Should be good. I know working on weekends and nights isn't going to be awesome, but hey - I gotta eat everyday after all. So, I'll make it work somehow.

After that I did a fair bit of cleaning today too - organized some of the mess in the studio here and boxed up all the old study models. There are professional cleaners coming to overhaul the studio on Monday and to hear it told: anything that isn't nailed down or inside a locker is getting thrown the heck out. So we collected all the workshop materials and wrapped yellow tape around everything and sealed off our zone. We'll be working here all summer and so we don't have to clean out everything, but we had to consolidate it and organize it at least.

Wow, I just realized this is like the most boring post I've had in a long while huh? Not a single picture or anything. Hmm, gotta get on my game here. Alright, I promise I'll do better next time. Till then . . .

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