Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stamp it, Sign it, Send it!

Thats right! Who got their structural drawings signed and stamped by an engineer yesterday? This kid - thats who. Johnny and I made the S-Set revisions yesterday and then we printed out our three sets and brought them over to Harriet's Pratt office on 14th street where she stamped them all!!! Woo hoo!! and thats the structure - ready to file. Still can't file the rest till next week - but at least our part is done.

While we were there, we went to see the Pratt Architecture kid's show which was down on the 2nd floor. Whoa. Its amazing how different two architecture depts can be - their work was really beautiful and the craftsmanship and the quality of everything was fantastic. But wow - a very different focus. Super fun though - and of course free food and wine is always fun too.

fiberglass rod and stapled fabric. I really really want to climb inside.

A lot of this kind of thing. Whoa.

But, even though our drawings got stamped and signed - that isn't how we are actually going to build it - so were still detailing and redesigning for the next couple of weeks. We started getting rid of all the HSS tubing yesterday and using W's instead - it just makes the connections waaay easier. So thats today's project. Suppose I should get to it. I'll post some pics if I figure anything out.

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