Saturday, April 26, 2008

Concrete and Steel

We poured the concrete base for the Kitchen mockup yesterday - we'll leave it in the form for another day while we assemble the rest. The threaded rod is cast in - in reality will have to drill out the cavities and embed epoxy anchors - then the leveling nuts go on, the steel bracket gets set on non-shrink grout, and the whole things gets fastened together. Then everything else can sit up on top. Yeah Concrete Work! Went to Blue Water Grill last night and yup, I had concrete in my hair.

Our Steel!

Johnny is going to work on fabricating the brackets today - hopefully we can hand off our part of the model to the kitchen and greenhouse team by this afternoon. Then I'm on the other greenhouse mockup. Building Stuff! - does it get any better?

Als0 - some quick shots of the model under construction. Its gonna be so cool when its done . . .

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