Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Presentation Pics from Wed

I got more photos from Wed's show so I thought I'd throw em' up. It already seems like a long time ago though - Thurs we met with Marianna and Joel for a long meeting to go over the mockups (what worked, what didn't, what needs more development, etc) as well as scheduling and other stuff for the summer. It all of a sudden seemed a little more real as we were going over work schedules and I definately got a little scared! We are actually going to build this thing! yikes.

So then we met again yesterday as a group to go over a couple of major design decisions and to talk about what we need to do over the next two weeks. The next official meeting of the Workshop isn't until the 19th - but there is no way that we can shelf it until then. There is too much stuff that has really long lead times that needs to get figured out and ordered. There is also a lot of stuff that needs to get done so the steel can begin being fabricated and we still need to get the drawings filed with the city. Soooo, not done, but it'll be a little bit less intense for at least a couple of weeks. Of course - the only reason the workshop pauses for a minute is because we all have other classes with finals this week and next. I have a construction tech final on wed, then my PV project, the Structures project, and the structures concrete exam are due on Friday. So certainly no let up in the work. Sigh.

Anyway, for now - lets just remember how much fun Wed was, and just for a little bit, ignore all that is yet to come. Yeah, that will be better . . .

Carrie, Johnny and Anthony moving the steel/kitchen/greenhouse mockup. I'm no engineer, but those wheels seem a little too close to the center if you ask me.

Last minute prep - hanging the greenhouse mockup.

Johnny: mockup-hanger extrordinair.

The moss-wall mockup and our Construction Document Set.

Process wall - its so weird to look back at all the stuff we came up with in the beginning.

Modlel tiddy-up. Steph, Tory and Paul.

Planter and Bench mockups . Probably not cedar anymore - the clients were concerned about it being soft and people carving into it.

The under-bench lighting. Very sexy.

Carrie Shulz!!

I think this one came out great. Johnny did an awesome job with the steel. You can see some of the craziness of the footing detail at the bottom where we peeled back the layers. Epoxy anchors, grout, steel plates, two layers of waterproofing and rigid insulation. Yikes.

David Lewis kicking it off. It was so great to work with him this semester and I really hope he was happy with the project.

Meghan and Tory giving the synopsis.

Star, Anne, Stephen and I at the greenhouse.

Meghan, Margot, Steph, Meg and Tory.

Chatting with Kent over the model.

Lovin the benches and planters.

Marianna and Margot.

The Crew
Top Row: Kristen, Jason, Marianna, Tory, Myself, Carrie, Star, David, Joel.
Middle Row: Johnny, Meghan, Steph, Margot, Solveig.
Bottom Row: Paul, Jon, Meg.

And of course, every day has to end. So it might as well end over a beer or two. Right?

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