Sunday, May 4, 2008

So How did YOU Spend this Beautiful NYC Day?

Attack of the Red Lines! yikes.

Cus' I got to spend it sitting in front of AutoCAD working on the Structural set. Blah. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be working on Design-Build right now- but I really have to get these drawings to Harriet so she can look them over before she leaves for vacation on Tues. Otherwise we're gonna be way behind when she gets back. Sooo. . . here I am. I think I've finally got it under control though, and so I'll send it out soon.

Thank goodness.

In other news, I was at Todd's 30th birthday party last night out in Brooklyn! Holy cow - 30. So weird. We're getting old. He is really good though - super excited about the wedding this summer, and he just got a huge promotion to some sort of Director of digital-mobile- something-or-other at MTV now. Wicked cool.

Anyway . . . I have to move on and start on the work I was supposed to be doing all day. Some times, this just isn't that much fun anymore. 'Specially those days when its beautiful outside and I'm sitting here all alone with a little bit of a hangover doing math. ugg.

Tomorrow's another day though. Bound to be better.

. . . right?

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