Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Man This Is So Much Fun

Alright, bring it in easy now. . .

Three out of four rafters up - one installed. We'll get the rest, as well as the PV brackets tomorrow.

God - today was so beautiful and we had so much fun Steel working. We got all the small columns, the little beams, and the greenhouse base steel installed. We also got three out of the four rafters up on the top. We should be able to finish it all up tomorrow. Can you even believe it? Cus I can't.

We got slowed down a bit cus' we had to get at least one coat of primer on everything before we put it up - we also lost power for a while cus' the guys putting in the sewers down below messed something up. Hopefully we'll have it back on by tomorrow. So a couple of hicups, but we're moving forward really well and I think we might even have time to get the full low roof installed after all! Keep your fingers crossed!

The crew - raising the rafters. Me, Jason and Carrie up top - Johnson and Star running the lifts.

Today was just awesome though. I can't believe we're having this kind of weather in August - it is just sunny and breezy and no humidity. The kind of days you dream about.

Star and Schulzie putting in one of the small beams. Notice: Not a ladder in sight. These kids walk the steel with the best of 'em.

Star and I surveying the scene.

Greenhouse base steel. It hangs off the back of the structure and the greenhouse sits on top - hovering over the Trane air handler.

Jon and our steel. I think he likes it ;)

Jon and Meg and the Hilti. Watch out Wall!

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