Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photos From Last Week.

Sunday started the week by cleaning up the shop. Can you believe this used to be a wood shop?

Here's some pics Mariana took of last week. Today we spent to day tying up loose ends at studio and finishing cleaning up. Tomorrow we begin our last week and I just can't believe it. Part of me is so excited to finish - but the other part doesn't ever want it to end. But there's an awful lot to do before we can start feeling nostalgic. So, until then - heres some fun stuff from last week . . .

Jon and Star - installing the small columns above the low roof beams.

Jason and Star - setting beams up high.

Paul and Margot began installing the toolshed too - the Hilti sure got a work out this week.

Jason and Carrie - ready for some steel.

Getting the big rafters ready to go up.

Me, Jason and Carrie - receiving the rafters.

Tory and I, setting the south rafter.

Star on the edge - we lulled up the rest of the project on Wednesday - thank god for Tony and the folks from Mega. They were so helpful the whole time.

Assembling the PV brackets - we decided to put them together down below, then left them up as a single piece.

Carrie and I about to receive one of the PV brackets. Don't worry mom - It isn't as high as it looks. Honest ;)

PV brackets coming in.

Johnny and Star getting it set.

Come on guys - stand back and let the woman work.

Tory and Solveig putting up the mosswall.

Meghan is back too!!!! She and Tory putting the east garden.

Meg and her amazing creation - looking so cool.

Johnny and Steph, putting in the Cedar floor tiles.

Star and I putting in the greenhouse base. I hope we can get the whole thing up tomorrow.

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