Monday, April 7, 2008

Now all we need is all the learnin' to go in 'em

Star Made This

That, my friend, is one damn fine set of binders. I never expected any less - although some logos would really finish em off nicely I think - next time I suppose. And no - I didn't make them (credit where credit is due after all), but I consulted on the graphic design - that's gotta be worth something - right? You'll notice the two most important ones (the orange safety inspection ones of course) in a place of prominence right in the middle. I might need to get a third one for demerits / write-ups depending on how the summer goes ;)

I just finished up my stuff for the PV presentation tomorrow. I feel terrible that I don't have more time / energy to devote to that class. Laura (Briggs, the prof) is great and I think that I could really learn a ton if I was able to actually focus on it. But the Workshop is just so all consuming (and 'balancing' was never one of my strengths to begin with) that I really just don't. Sigh.

Cocktail chatter for the day:
fact 1- Daphe does, in fact, have red hair - not blonde.
fact 2 - Of course there is a NY State Fair, but Syracuse is more than 50 miles away from Albany, so I lost that one on a technicality.

I suppose one for one ain't bad. Guess I should start on that greenhouse detail though huh, I heard the deadline was Monday at 9 am. sheesh.

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