Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here, I Made You Something . . .

No - we aren't using green polycarb. Thats just the protective wrapper.

Well, we kicked butt on the Greenhouse this week - our schedule calls for us to be finished, disassembled and cataloged by this time next week. And I think we are going to be able to hit that mark just fine. The frame is done, the polycarb is cut, almost all the aluminum has been applied, and today I finished the West window frames. Tomorrow I'll jump on the East frames, and then rafter mullions. Fantastic.

West column to rafter detail, the mullion is held on using a sex-bolt, which pinches the polycarb in that cavity.

North-East column, mullion and rafter assembly. And yes, it was just as complicated to make as it looks.

South-East Column to Sill detail.

Polycarb slides into the channels in the columns on the East side.

Window makin'.

Window corner detail with a dado for the aluminum. We used a half-lap joint on the frames so that we don't have to screw into the end-grain of the Ipe. Plus - gives us a lot more surface to glue.

Johnny rocked out a nice set of structural steel templates today too. Thats a W8x35 (our column size) with the connection angle, and the WT X-Bracing brackets. Hopefully we'll be getting the big stuff next week, if we can get this permit stuff sorted out.

Mosswall team has been slamming away too. That is a sample of the vertical growing trays they are going to be using, and the black locust slatting and bench. They should be done with fabrication too sometime this week. Then on to the next thing.

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