Friday, April 4, 2008

Yup, this smells just like you'd imagine it would

Solveig and Meg, mossing out.

Solveig and Meg have been focusing on the Moss wall for the last week and they are growing some test pieces and trying to figure out the best way to embed the moss in a felt backer. They are doing three versions right now using different things as the 'food' to start the moss - one which uses Yogurt, one with Buttermilk and another with Beer. Pretty funny. Who knew moss went through a mold phase before it matured. :)

It looks like it might actually work! super exciting.

Also - after structures class this morning, we had a long meeting with Harriet and she seems pretty happy with what Johnny and I have designed so far. Sounds like she thinks the thing might actually stand up - very positive. We have to get our plans and sections and details together so we can send them to her to run the structure through her computer-ness and see if my calculations were anywhere near correct. So thats tomorrow I guess, then we have to get a full set of drawings together so we can give them to David to red-line on sunday afternoon. So much to do! Oh, and I do have three other classes which each has tons of work too. ugh. Ok - enough freaking out. Back to work.

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