Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second Client Meeting

We met with Stephen and Anne again today and it went pretty well. We walked them through our current scheme using the big model and talked with them about some of the big questions we felt were still unresolved: the 'Enclosed' space and its necessity to the functioning of the program, the amount and form of green stuff, and the type of programs we are proposing.

They seemed really pleased with all the decisions we have made - the model they were looking at was really rough so it was a little difficult to really show everything that we are thinking but they were still able to understand most of what were up to.

After the meeting, We split up the project into 14 separate zones for us to investigate on our own until next week. I'll be working on the ground surface and specifically the north section. I really want to start to do something fun up there and I think that since keeping the openness of the roof is really important, the real articulation of the space is going to happen on the floor. I think that using the existing sedum tray green roof with a fiberglass grating over the top would be really cool. If I can start to slice into the grating with other materials (like wood, concrete or lighting elements) it could activate the space and make it really fun. We'll see what I can come up with.

Tonight, Star and I put together a new version of the enclosure section that uses her idea of 'Nooks' as a way of designing in a diversity of gathering types into a smaller enclosed structure. We were also trying to come up with a stronger argument for the roof form and a better use of Photovoltaics in the roof. I really like the direction that it is heading but I have to go in early tomorrow to work on it some more.

I am heading to Billie's (the Landscape Architect) office at 10 tomorrow as well to talk with her about our garden plans and to see some samples of the GreenGrid Sedum trays that are already on the roof. Randy Wood and some folks from his office are also coming by tomorrow afternoon to check in on our progress so tomorrow is already shaping up to be pretty crazy. The big show is one week from tomorrow though and we have a LOT of work to do before then so it isn't going to get any easier any time soon - but it sure is fun!

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