Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Know that Morning-After Feeling?

The morning after the storm. Excellent.

Hmmm . . . I think I might need to clean my desk or something.

The presentation yesterday went amazing - there were a ton of people there and everyone seemed really pleased - especially Steven and Anne. Meghan and Tory gave a fantastic explanation of the basics of the project, then we all sort of milled about answering questions as people checked out all the work. I am so happy with everything we produced - the mock ups were super kick ass, and the renderings and the big model all looked incredible. So happy with it all. David took us out afterwards for a de-brief at a local: we all had a good night but we were all so sleep-deprived at that point that we didn't stay out too late - but a good time was had by all.

Process Wall: we hung all our old models and drawings from the 14 individual, 7 pairs, 3 teams and the 1 mid-term projects. Sort of a time line of the semester in models.

Stephen and David Lewis.

Anne and Stephen. You can also play 'Where in the Picture is Ed's Head'. See if you can figure it out.

Jon and Joanna in front of the greenhouse mockup.

Kent, Anne, Stephen and myself.

Star, showing off her baby to Keen.

I was sooo happy with how our greenhouse mock-up came out. Stars design was incredible (and it didn't hurt to have a badass woodworker on the team either ;) and it was super fun to build. We still need to refine the details of course and adjust some of our tolerances but I think the thing is absolutely gorgeous. We hung it in the window during the show and the sun was in the exact right spot just as we were presenting it; it looked amazing - all sorts of colors from the dichroic and the polycarb was glowing and it was just perfect.

Greenhouse in the morning light. I love the distortion of the plants behind. I think it is a great effect.

This is one corner of the greenhouse - its 6ft wide by 10ft long in reality - and the entire Western side has awning windows like this one.

We learned soooo much from doing the mockups too. One: that I hate Ipe. not only do you have to cut down rainforests (yeah, yeah - i know they say they don't - but come on) but it gives me a wicked rash and it sucks to work. With the weight of all the snapped off screws in this thing its amazing I can still pick it up. But a lot of things worked really great - the aluminum channel detail, the embedded lights and the dichroic all worked great. My eave detail wasn't so awesome though - luckily Star didn't throw me under bus or anything when people were not that into it ;)

The inside of the greenhouse - its not really a 'greenhouse' exactly - its more of a cold frame - or maybe a bay window is a more appropriate description. The surface is really high because it is over the air unit - so there are rollers that allow you to slide trays in and out easily. All in all though - very successful.

So it is a weird feeling to be done with studio - after any intense, focused experience like this I'm always depressed the day after. I'll perk up by tomorrow though I'm sure. I've pretty much sacrificed every other aspect of my life to this project at this point though, so it just feels a little empty when it isn't there all of a sudden. But of course in reality - it isn't over by a long shot and I'm sure that the summer will only be more intense than the studio part - if you can even imagine such a thing.

But for now - I have to focus on all the other classes that I've been ignoring as the workshop took over my life. The next official meeting is on the 19th - but we have lots of work to do before that. I'm pretty worried about the steel and the PV right now and we need to get them worked out soon cus' its something that is going to have a pretty long lead time. At any rate - I'll post more pics of the presentation when I get them from Jon. For now, I'm off to go drink a long dinner with Matt and Johnny.

Star and I reveling in the awesomeness of our greenhouse. Nice work my friend.

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