Monday, April 28, 2008

Mock Up Weekend!

Wow. I don't think it gets any more fun than this. The big show is this wed so were going out of our gourds trying to get everything together. But our main focus this weekend was the full-scale mockups. And holy cow - they are so awesome. Saturday Johnny fabricated the brackets for the steel mockup - they look so cool. He put together the Beam and Column members too so that the kitchen and greenhouse teams could start hanging their pieces off of it all. We still have a lot of work to do on the base (we're going to do all the grouting and flashing and insulation - but not until the other groups are done adding in their pieces.

Johnny and his steel. Don't tell the Union.

Steel brackets.

I put together shop drawings for the greenhouse base, as well as the steel brackets - then I jumped on fabrication. We got the greenhouse base all put together and painted, as well as getting everything milled for the window panel. We started to put the window together but didn't get very far.

The Greenhouse base - its just a pedestal to hold the mockup at the actual height.

I know, I know - its so high. But it is designed to straddle the Trane unit and so that height really sets the counter height. Its more of a bay window or a cold-frame really than it is a greenhouse. Its going to be so beautiful though.

Greenhouse window - as of Saturday night. Why does everything take so long?

Unfortunately, the shop closes at 8 on saturday, so we had to scramble to get everything cut and prepped before then, then start assembling afterwards. Kind of frustrating, but we make it work. All the wood of the greenhouse is Ipe. I've never really worked with it before and it is unbelievable. It is basically stone masquerading as wood - its o heavy, its impossible to screw and as an added bonus - it has freaky oils in it which repel glue and has given me hives on my wrists where I'm always coved in its dust. Such freaky stuff. But it is a Class A fire rated wood - as far as I know the only one, so thats why we are using it on the greenhouse.

Jon and Steph, setting up the Electro Magnet Steel drill. Yeah - its just as cool as it sounds.

Paul and Steph, modeling.

Johnny; Day 1: Steel Worker, Day 2: RenderMan. An architect's gotta be able to do it all after all.

Greenhouse window detail.

Greenhouse window, circa Sunday evening - Ipe, Aluminum and Pentaglass Polycarbonate. Star convinced them to give us a bunch of the nice stuff for free to use in the mockup. Awesome.

Greenhouse base, we had to pause on this piece for the evening though because they closed the shop at 9pm and we weren't able to get everything cut in time. Oh well - tomorrow's another day.

The rest of the greenhouse, we milled and cut everything today so it should go together pretty quickly tomorrow.

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