Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sat: 93, Sun: 98, Mon:96

Oh yeah, and like 90% humidity as well. Ugg.

So I've been hiding out in studio all weekend just so I can revel in the Air Conditioning. Oh - and also the mountain of work I have to do. That and the AC.

I spent most of the day working on detailing the Kitchen polycarbonate and Black Locust wall panels. I think I finally have it on the run. The real problem is that the X-Bracing for the steel, the low roof framing and the columns/polycarb for the wall (as well as the sills) all came together in one spot and it was a crazy mess of bolts and angles and lumber and screws. So I worked it around till I think I have it to a buildable spot. It isn't great, and it'll require an awfull lot of careful woodworking, but I think we can do it. Below are just some quick shots from the model I've been using to develop the details.

The South-West corner of the structure, beside the greenhouse.

X-Bracing coming through the window header. I know, its weird, but we gotta have it.

The window sill (is it still a window? Its the whole wall after all?) with the X-Bracing coming through.

The X-Bracing is connected to angles which are bolted to the W8x24 columns. Ya know, - 10 minutes with a freakin' welder would really help this project. But, I think this works ok. You end up with that slot where the bracing comes through, but I kind of like it. Its hard to know just how it will look in reality of course, and you can see how much fancy cutting we'll need to do to the sills to get them to sit nice. (in reality - the angles have a rounded end and inside courner)

Tonight I have to finish (or at least get close) the greenhouse 3-D model. The low-roof / greenhouse rafter intersection is pretty tricky - so I need to play around with it and see if I can simplify the whole thing. It'll get there. I have faith.

I also worked with Paul a bit this week and tried to get the tool-shed steel straightened out. These are some quick drawings I sent to Harriet so she could help us out sizing the CMU anchors. The shed is made of these pretty simple steel frames bolted to the Bulkhead wall, the weight comes down on PT footings though because the CMU here is hollow and doesn't carry all the way down through the building (its sitting right on the plank). But we'll still be anchoring it so it doesn't tip or twist. It uses almost the same Black locust and polycarbonate panel system as the greenhouse / kitchen and so it should all look really nice. It is designed to glow at night and there are lights built right in to the aluminum columns on the front. Pretty fancy kid.

OK. Gonna venture out cus' they are closing the place down. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't melt on the way home.

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