Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pardon this Construction Tech Related Interuption

Well, I've survived at least the first two days of this week. And it is already a drag. I finished my construction tech final a little bit ago - we have our review at 9 tomorrow. I'm really not excited about it all. I'm not happy with the design - ohh, sure, there are some fun drawings and stuff, but I just havn't had any time at all to work on the design and so it is just not that nice.

I decided to use Armin and I's old Orient project as the starting point, and integrated some of the greenhouse details as a way of testing them out in a different application. Anyway - I thought I'd throw up some of the drawings. None of them are that spectacular, but some are ok.

The original project was a renovation of an old corn-drying-shed out in Orient. Armin and I redesigned it as a summer guest house and last summer we were supposed to to do the construction. It would have been great - we were going to camp on the beach which is right down the road and the woman we were working for was super super nice. But it fell through at the last moment and so we never got too far with it. In reality - it worked out fine cus' I had more work than I could handle last summer as it was.

Wow - I'm concerned I might have actually learned a little something this semester from that crazy engineer who's always hanging around going on and on about Ecotect. ;) Really an amazing program once you get to know it a little bit. I still have a LOT to learn though.

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