Saturday, April 12, 2008


Is there anything better than the sound of a thunderstorm when you are going to sleep? I doubt it. The only bummer of the rain is, well, the way my apartment isn't exactly - oh . . . whats the word? Waterproof.

Yeah , I know - but I guess thats what pots are for. Right?

I didn't get nearly enough done today. But - luckily - tomorrow is another day. In my head I know that tomorrow I have to work on my PV project (I'm doing the greenhouse of the DW project with PV louvers that will power vents/fans) but I'll probably end up working on studio and making a new model of the Workshop project instead - one without the corridor roof and without the south PV array. We talked a lot about the South array tonight and my gut is telling me that it will probably disappear before the project is all over. I'd love to keep it for a lot of reasons but I just don't see it happening. It certainly changes the project a lot, but I think it would still work well. We'll see.

We are hoping to have a good long meeting as a full group Sunday night to really re-asses where the project is at and try and make some hard decisions about where we want to go with it and (maybe) what pieces are going to start getting cut out.

There are so many decisions to make - how do you make the right one? I certainly don't know the answer. I guess at some point you have to just go with your gut and do what feels right at the time. I mean - who can tell how it will all play out and what the best choice would have been - but so long as it feels right - thats all you can do I suppose. I guess in the end, every decision is only based on a partial understanding of the things involved, so you just have to make the best choice based on what you know, and trust yourself to make the right one. I sure wish somebody had all the answers. But they don't. So we do the best we can. I guess thats all anybody can ask. right?

My ceiling is leaking right now from the rain - gross. But the storm is supposed to pass pretty quickly, and tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. Can't wait.

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