Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope You Had a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

I took the afternoon off yesterday and hung out in Central Park with Rachael. Yup, I'm sunburned. Sigh.

Well, Memorial Day has come and gone - and its really summer now. Or at least, it certainly felt like it today: a mildly hazy precursor of the real horror to come. I'm scared just thinking of it. NY summers. Gross.

This weekend was amazing however. Made it pretty damn hard to sit inside and draw. But I did - and I got a lot done. We'll be sending out our new S-Set to the steel fabricators tomorrow morning and then we can get some more accurate prices and schedules. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I think the new scheme will work fine though, budget wise. Here's some details, just in case your interested:

Everything is a W section, there's one type of standard joint, its easy to fabricate, everything is bolted and drilled by us so its half the price of the last version, and with the exception of the three heavy beams, its all light enough for people to lift them without any equipment.

Badass Steel Designers: 1, Site: 0

The 'look' of the project is certainly a bit different, and it makes some of the wall / greenhouse detailing way more difficult, but overall I think it works pretty well.

I did take some time off and went over to Solveig's for a BBQ on friday - I walked across the Williamsburg bridge for the first time and I was way into all the cool steel joints! If I had to do it all over again I'd probably design our structure like a bridge, lots of little angles and flat stock all bolted together in crazy sections. Oh well . . . next time I suppose.

Look at all the cool sections you can make using just angles and flat stock! So awesome.

This is more what our joints look like right now - angles and bolts connecting W's

This was one of my favorite sections (didn't have any paper so I had to make do). 4 angles, 2 gussets and lattice on the interior - made for a super cool column.

Today we tore into the shop space and cleared out all the desks to make ourselves some room. We are going to have to share the floor with about 60 kids from the Summer Studio (the 6 week intensive course they teach here) so we're going to try and wall off our space as much as possible to beat back some of the dust and noise we'll be making. It'll be nice to have such a big space, but you know what shop space is like - It'll be full before the end of the week I'm sure. I scheduled the hell out of the steel erection as well today - looks like July 29th is the last day. Then we can take all of August off.


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