Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Three Days Left, But Things Are Really Taking Shape Now

Framing the Low roof. Sunny days and framing buildings. It literally does not get any better.

Johnny and I slapped out the low roof today and I think it changes the feeling of the space so much - I love it. The roof feels huge now, and the pavilion just seems so much nicer. Johnny had already figured out all the hard bits, so I jumped on it with him today and we got the rest done in record time. I'm so glad we built it: we had been thinking about letting Nativo's guys finish it once we were gone (since its almost regular framing) - but I think it changes the feeling of the site so much that we had to finish it. We won't get the ceiling finished, but at least the roof is framed in and tomorrow we'll get some waterproofing on it.

I'll be moving on to the the kitchen walls tomorrow, and we'll see if I can get them all done in one day. Thats my goal - I'll let you know how it goes. We are also craning up all the soil tomorrow so we can start filling all the awesome planters we've been building. We won't be doing any planting, since the building won't have any staff for at least a few months so there won't be anyone to do any watering. Kind of a bummer to be leaving only a bunch of planters full of dirt - but that landscape projects I guess - takes a while before they are fully formed.

Star finished the greenhouse today, and she finally took all the green wrappers off and you can see how nice the polycarb looks! I love it. I'll get some better pics tomorrow.

Star on the roof of the greenhouse silconing.

The inside of the greenhouse- some of the sedum trays are embedded in the middle so there is some permanent green.

Other than that we are rolling along. All the planters are coming nicely, though there is still a lot to finish on them. Tomorrow the mosswall gets it irrigation system, and the kitchen crew is gonna start installing counters and finishing the benches. Awesome.

Jon and Steph installing the benches on the north side of the pavilion.

Carrie and Jason finishing up the south canopy.

The mosswall, still have to put up the top row of trays, but it coming along so nicely.

We've only got three days left now, and we are all so tired. But I'm so excited to see it all coming together and I am just in love with every single thing we've built. I can't wait to see it all done.

Not long now I guess . . .

The pavilion viewed from the north. Man we've got it on the run now!

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