Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Greenhouse: Finally in its Element

Well the Con Tech final review went fine. I'm certainly not thrilled with what I've produced, not by a long stretch, - but it all went well and there was plenty to talk about across the board. Then we had a couple of hours of structures review for the concrete exam on friday. Yikes. I have to get to work today on the design project for that class as well. I'm 90% done with the steel and wood - but I'm just starting on the concrete right now. Ugg.

We took the greenhouse mockup down out of the window finally and I'm sure the admin people will be happy that they can put the banner back up outside. Today is the last sunny day for a bit so we took it outside to see how it all worked when it was in the right orientation. The dichroic was a little disapointing - it didn't really preform like we had been expecting, but I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. We messed around with it for a while and tried to get some good photos of it with lots of color, but not too many of them came out. It just needs a little more work. Either we need a better dichroic material or we need to place the fins a lot closer to the polycarb and rotate them away from 90 degrees. I dunno.

Good shots of the greenhouse overall though - once we photoshop out the background they will look nice and be good for archiving. Alright - on to math.

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