Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sneak peek at Thursdays goodies

The Northern Side: bamboo planters, benches and metal grating over a sedum green roof.
The Eastern Edge: benches and planters, plus the structure for the PV and a chunk of panels.

so heres a first draft of two renderings I'm working on for Thursdays meeting. I'm on the 'Analysis' team and so I'm working on materials, construction, loads, costs, plants, etc. Right now I'm putting together these sectional axons that show the way materials are used in the project and then will be keyed to a materials inventory which would include more detailed info about them. I'm not sure how well they are working right now, but they are kind of fun to make so its ok.

Both of these still need a bunch of work but they are getting there I think. I'm going to do one more through the kitchen tomorrow . . . err, I mean: today, I guess. [yup - no sleep again. I think if I play my cards right I can get out of staying up all night tomorrow though] Anyway - I have to finish these up, then work on wall sections, do some structurie-type work [man! you should have seen the spreadsheet in action today sizing beams! - maybe if your lucky I'll blog about it someday] then put together an exploded axon that illustrates structure and assembly type stuff. and then I'm on rendering duty i guess. I'm gonna see if Johnny will light these axons for me cus' i just can never do it right. Stupid 3D max.

alright - its 7:04. if I lay down for 15 mins I can still get to studio by 8 to open up my concrete formwork (for my construction tech mid-review which starts at 9 this morning). so. rock on for now.

oh - also - it was beautiful this morning - one of those super-clear, blue-sky days when NY is a really nice place to live.

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