Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, Today Was a Pretty Frustrating Day

And I didn't get nearly enough done. But there's no time to dwell on anything negative right now. Tomorrow is another day, and I'm gonna do my best to catch up.

Star and I started right in on the walls today - but we pretty quickly realized that we needed to put a coat of paint on all of the columns before we went to too far, otherwise it was going to be waaaay harder to paint later. (well . . . I say 'Star and I' - I was ready to throw up some walls, but Star made me wait until it was painted. The right thing to do I know - but I just wanna build things!)

So we prep'd till noon - then we had to break off and do some craning. We had the guys from Prince Lumber lift up the soil for our planers today and it was a bit of a mess. We got all 10 paletts up ok - but on the last lift the crane broke down and we had to hold for like 2 hours while they tried to figure out what was up. The real bummer was that the crane broke while it was up on the roof and so we had to keep the pedestrian barriers up and stay down on the road flagging. So I wasted half my afternoon standing in the road flagging cars. But Johnny finally got the crane fixed ( is there anything that guy can't do?) and we were back in business. Long and short of it is that I didn't even put the first piece of the walls up until like 4:30 in the afternoon. Grrr.

So . . . I'll do my best to kick butt tomorrow. Gotta get so much done. Only two days left now. I can't even believe it.

The crane broken down up on our roof. Brushed the parapet too - nothing but a tiny little chunk out of one of the capstones. Dodged that bullet by a hair!

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