Monday, February 11, 2008

Massing V3

Just met with David. He seems pleased with the direction we are moving I think. These are some really quick shots of the 3D model I put together last night. The kitchen / dining space is obviously the most refined at this point. We're trying to use the 'core' walls that surround the air intake as a way to define the form. The trellis modules would enclose the space to the east of the core and we are using the beams from the trellises as the floor of the second level. The second level also supports a PV array (400sf or so - roughly 8000 kWh) which will power the lighting of the project. The North side of the core functions as a projection surface for movies with 'auditorium' seating in the circle. That surface would be composed of the existing concrete pavers and green-roof bins reconfigured to form low step seats. The elevated area above the kitchen would function to give views of the surrounding neighborhood [since the parapet is so high you can't really see over it from the ground] as well as being able to be lit up as the 'beacon' of the building. Alright, I'm going to work now on the West side veggie garden for a while before my group is getting back to together at 9 to figure out the stair piece.

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