Monday, August 25, 2008

Its all Coming Together Now

Star and I jumped in right away this morning installing the greenhouse, and it looks like with one more day we should have it all up. So far everything is fitting and working great (knock on wood). I had to do a little reconfiguring of the low roof framing this morning, so that slowed us down a bit, but we still got the East and north side walls completely up - and the west side framed in. Tomorrow we'll slap a roof on it, finish hanging the west side and install windows. Then I've got two days for pavilion wall installation, and then two days of finishing. Lets hope everything goes according to schedule.

Installing the East wall of the greenhouse this morning. Took a little longer than I'd hoped - but we got it eventually.

Star working on the greenhouse. Doesn't that Polycarb just look awesome?

Lots of other great stuff is happening on site too - the west gardens are flying up, Jason and Carrie got a huge chunk of the south canopy up today, and Jon, Steph and Johnny got the floor in and the first of the kitchen benches done, and Joel and Paul have the toolshed almost done. I really can't believe how much is getting done so quickly. Thats part pf the lure of pre-fab I suppose.
The west garden going in. View from above.

Joel and Paul putting the finishing touches on the toolshed.

The South Canopy - one of my favorite elements of the project. I think it looks so cool.

Greenhouse, circa monday night. Three out of four walls up. With any luck it'll all go great tomorrow!

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