Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Saturday sacrificed to the gods of AutoCAD

It was beautiful yesterday but instead of getting to spend it in the park I got to sit in front of my computer and draw these lovely AutoCAD drawings! I can't for the life of me make a decent looking drawing in that program. I don't know what my problem is exactly but I'll get better I'm sure as do thousands upon thousands of em'.

Elevations of the North Structure. There are floor beams which span from bearing wall to bearing wall and then all the columns land on those beams. This is the structure which holds up the PV array and the low roof and all the kitchen stuff (cabinets, wall panels) hangs off the steel as well.

Johnny's detail for the South Structure touching down out near the parapet.

These are my first drafts of the joint detailing for the rafters, columns and floor beams. The waterproofing and the assembly where the beam hits the concrete plank is crazy and needs a lot more revising but i think its a good first shot. I'm not so sure about the rafter brackets - I need to find some precedents or case-studies and see how other people have done these things before I can really figure much more out.

Tory and Steph, figuring out the kitcheniness

Jason, Johnny and Solveig.

So DL is coming in at 4 to pick up a print out of our full-set. He's gonna red-line them upstairs and then get them back to us this evening. Which means I have at least a couple of hours to work on non-Design Workshop stuff. It feels really weird to not work on the project cus' there is soooo much stuff to figure out but I also have tons and tons of things to do for my other classes, so I need to really get something done here today. PV class is first on the list though since I have to give a presentation in it at 9am tomorrow. Sigh. back to work!


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