Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Load Makes it to the Roof

Star and Jon. Getting set.

We got the green light from Mega today! We still don't have our permit (its approved, but we need to have a new expediter pull the permit and they can't do that until tuesday- jeez is this process crazy!) But that meant we could bring a big load up to the site and on monday we can start installing the north garden and moss wall. So another big crane day - super fun and we got everything up ok. I can't wait to start putting it all together next week. We still can't start the structural work until we have the permit in hand, but we are super close now.

A chunk of the stuff we loaded in today. Everything had to be broken down into manageable pieces and packed for shipping.

Johnny, Star, Joel and I were up on site first thing, getting things organized and prepping for the crane. Back at the shop, Jason got the truck and started the rest of the crew loading. We decided to bring only the garden bits that we'll be installing next week, and the kitchen flooring. We don't want to pile too much on the site right away cus' we're going to run out of space real quick if we try and cram it all in.

Ground crew loadin the rig.

They got to the site around 1 and we started craning. We decided to go up over the west side this time cus' it has a lower parapet. It was all a lot less scary than the steel craning but it still meant that Star and I had to stand up on the parapet to pull everything in.

Star on the edge.

Solveig and East Garden components.

Hmmm. Your looking awfully relaxed for someone who's an inch and a half away from a 50 foot drop.

PV Steel comin up and over. I think we're finally getting the hang of this craning operation. Moved a lot of material pretty quickly today.

Star and Jon.

Me, Meg, Star, Jon and Jason. Havin' a good ol' time on the roof.

Me, and Solveig and Meg acting weird.

Everything went great and it was an absolutely gorgeous day to be up on a roof. And now we can get to work! A pretty great end to a tough week. We'll be working in the shop all weekend finishing up the West Garden planters, then, back to it!

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