Saturday, June 14, 2008

Excuse me sir, but thats an awfully large Greenhouse you have there. . .

Wow. Johnny and Schulzie put together the first part of the greenhouse base this morning, and damn - it is huge! I don't know how it never got drawn out full size before today, but it is way bigger than I imagined it. When you say '6x10' it doesn't sound too big, but when you actually see it, its quite a surprise. Should be one hell of a greenhouse! Can't wait to get going on it.

We also received the polycarbonate yesterday! So thats what 10,000 bucs worth of polycarbonate looks like. Well, at least until it becomes walls, doors and greenhouses. We ended up going with the clear stuff (not the ice-white) for everything in order to preserve as much visibility as possible through the greenhouse. Its gonna look amazing - I have no doubts at all.

Planter Slatting - they are way ahead of schedule. Lookin' good kids!

I've also been rockin' with the Critical-Path schedule. That Microsoft Project program is pretty great - the visualizations are pretty crappy though and its hard to really 'see' the calendar in a clear way, but now that I've set up the tasks and the links correctly it should be easy to get the schedule and the allocations working efficiently, and then I can use them to produce a nice calendar that we can use for presenting it all to the group.

One thing we've already learned from the schedule is that we have no time for installing the kitchen walls, so today I have to redesign them as modules that we can produce entirely off site and then simply pop them in, like any other door or window that you would buy. Hopefully I can figure out something that works really well. I'll upload some pics if I get something cool put together.

We did get to spend some time putting together the shop this week though. Building table and work benches and such. A nice little primer. Damn I wanna build stuff!

Johnny and Jason, the word you are looking for is: perfect.

Yeah! Build that bench.

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