Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mock Up Weekend! v.2

I got a bunch of awesome pics from Jon of this weekend. We're still motoring on the mockups and drawings and renderings and all the rest of it. One more day, then we can sleep. We got a ton done on the greenhouse today - it is going to look so beautiful when it is done - but we'll be working on it all day again tomorrow. Each joint is different than the last, and each piece is different than every other - its taking way longer than I thought it would, but we'll get it done. Alright - its 3am right now and I've got to be back at school by 8 and I still have to review the entire Structural drawing set so we can send it to Harriet - so for now, heres just the pics. I'll write more about it all later. Till then . . .

Carrie and Jason, getting prepped.

Tory, Meghan and Jason working on the planter mockup

Meghan and Carrie.

Whats up table saw?!

Tory and Meghan.

Meg and Solvieg - working on the Moss Wall Mockup.

Moss Wall mockup so far.

Johnny welding up our brackets.

Johnny and Steph with the steel drill.

Steph - kickin ass.

Johnny and Ralphie - next to one of the mockups from last years crew - we tore them all apart to harvest their materials and fasteners.

Margot and Ralphie. Looking good Garden Team!

Yeah Ralphie! Build it!

Johnny and Jason, Johnny's collection of safety glasses is unsurpassed.

Carrie and I working on greenhouse details. Hello Plumbers crack! better get used to it y'all - its a long summer.

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