Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Work Permit!

Johny, putting up more low-roof framing.

Sorry I've been away for a few days, I had a friend in town and so I lost touch with the blog for a minute. I promise I'll do better this coming week though and try and keep in touch (Sorry Star's mom! I promise I'll do better ;)

Well, there's only 7 days left now. And wow do we have a lot to do. But I think we can really get tons finished. We got soooo much done this week, it is crazy to think back to where we started on Monday. These weeks are moving at light-speed right now though, and I know this last one will move even faster.

We got a saturday permit so we got to work today, thank god. Perla (from last year's design workshop) and David Lewis came by today to help, and we got a lot started. The east garden kept moving, and the west garden folks began putting up frames today. The mosswall is in great shape and should be fine to finish on time. Lots to do, but lots done as well.

West garden starting to go up. Build It!

Johnny and Steph, installing the cedar tiles.

Johny finished up a chunk of the low roof, then moved on to installing the flooring with Steph and Jon. We built a bunch of cedar tiles that we are putting in using the same plastic pads as the concrete pavers. I think it looks great. It is really light though - so we have to come up with some way to hold it down a little better.

Star starting on the east wall of the greenhouse. I'm so excited to see it up!!! Its gonna be so beautiful.

The greenhouse as of saturday evening. The framing is all in and the base is all layed out and installed. Hopefully it'll go up real fast on monday -if we did our job right we shouldn't have any problems. We'll see.

Star installing greenhouse base pieces.

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