Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, We Built It. Now On to The Next Thing.

Greenhouse column to sill deatil with the aluminum rods behind.

I just got back from the hardware store and this is just about the first time I've gotten to sit down since 5:30 this morning. Man these days are long, but way too short at the same time.

But - We finished the Greenhouse today! I know! I'm so excited!

The greenhouse tuesday night. The polycarb is still wrapped in the protective plastic - Star won't let me rip it off yet. Maybe I'll try and go in early tomorrow and do it before she gets in. I wanna see it!

Well, lets call it 99.99% done. A little touch up tomorrow - install some window hardware, do some sanding and clean the polycarb better. But for the most part - its all there. And its awesome. I just think the detailing on it and the materials are amazing and Star and I had a great time building it. I'm abandoning it to her tomorrow though, as I'll be on low roof detail with Johnny - we have to see if we can slap it out in one day - I think its possible if we hustle.

Other than the greenhouse - the west garden kept flying along, The south canopy is at about 80%, and the kitchen gang got another set of benches done. Big day - and only 4 more to go now.

Holy Crap.

Alright, I have to sleep. Till tomorrow - here's some pics.

Star getting the roof polycarb ready.

Siliconing in the roof aluminum. I hate silicone. And its now everywhere on my greenhouse. Sigh.

Kristen and Margot putting up more west garden planters. They look great and I'm glad they are going up so well.

Johnny tweaking our steel.

Johnson and Shulzie framing in the low roof. I'll jump on it tomorrow and we'll see if we can get the thing knocked out by midday.

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