Thursday, May 22, 2008


Combustion? Yeah, I suppose I'd call that a rather severe symptom.

Jesus. I'm taking the 10 hour online OSHA training course, and its the most boring freaking thing I've done in a loooong while. The only saving grace is the knowledge that I'll receive nothing but joy when I hand out my first safety demerit. Mmmmm . . . can't you just see it now.


In other news - I think Johnny and I have finally got the steel on the run. We swapped out everything for W's and all the joints have been sort of standardized and simplified - everything uses simple angle's and bolts - we can do all the drilling and cutting ourselves and save a bunch of money on fabrication. I think I've also lightened everything up to the point that we only need to set 4 beams wit the crane. So that rocks. - It isn't exactly the most elegant thing in the world - but we can build it, we can afford it (sort of) - and It'll be fun to make. We'll keep refining it - but I have to CAD it all up by Tuesday at the latest so I can resubmit it to Berkshire Bridge and Iron, and Woodlawn and get some new quotes. Should be way less - no more glavanizing, no welding, nothing but square cuts, no drilling. Just Steel. - I calculated it at around 15 grand for the materials alone, not including cranes, permits, blah blah blah. We'll see if I'm even close.

Alright- gotta get back to ma' OSHA. - Just some quick screen shots below.

Steel Member Diagram - the heaviest ones are still the floor beams - 700 to 1000 lbs ish.

The Structure as W's. Not too shabby - And don't forget - most of it gets wrapped in other materials anyway.

All the Joints are Double-Anlge, Bolt Only connections. Easy as pie. Right?

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