Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Site Visit

Johnny and I took the train up to the site yesterday to check it out and see if we could get up on the roof. After wandering around the building a couple of times we found some guy named Tony inside who seemed like he was in charge and told him we were doing the roof, so he brought us up there and let us take some photos. Everything is still pretty unfinished there right now - there was no working entrance to our building from the exterior except for the basement door, and the large apt. building to the south is still covered in scaffolding.

Our building from the Louis Nine Blvd. Side

View of the Site from the Freeman St Station (2 and 5 train)

View up and down Louis Nine Blvd.

The Intervale Ave side of the building

The roof was smaller than I had imagined but it is a pretty fantastic space and I think we can make something amazing out of it. Right now the parapet is pretty high so there isn't much of a view but I imagine once the finish floor / soil goes in you'll be standing at least a foot higher so it'll probably be great. The building to the south is about 2 floors higher than our roof but it wasn't casting much of a shadow while we were there (around 12:30 or so).

The most surprising thing, however, was the amount of mechanical equipment up there and the huge elevator / stair tower on the south end of the roof. The only real open space without any equipment is the northern side.

All in all it was about what I expected. We'll start to learn more about the program soon and I'll post more as i get it.

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