Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Greenhouse Grows in Parsons

Greenhouse frame going up! Yeah!

Well we kicked ass on the greenhouse today and I feel really good about it. I think were right on schedule with it and we should be done with the frame by the end of the week - and then on to the windows. It is all coming together really nice and I'm super pleased with the work. We got Johnny and Tory on our team today and damn, things move fast when you get to have 4 people on your crew!

The Ipe is still wicked nice to work with, and oddly, I haven't gotten any rash at all yet! Knock on wood. I don't know if there is something a bit different about this batch, or maybe it is more dry than the last stuff we got - no idea - all I know is I appreciate it! Was not looking forward to that part.

Tomorrow we should be able to get up the last of the rafters, cut the north and south columns, and start installing all the aluminum. I'm starting to actually think we might pull this off after all. Keep your fingers crossed.

Column-to-Sill. We use Aluminum angle and Boston Screws to attach these types of joints.

East side rafter-to-column. For the rafters we use mortise and tenon, and half-lap timber joints. That way we can glue them all when we assemble on site. Still use the Boston Screw as a pin.

Johnny's Rafter-to-Column mortise work. Very nice dude.

Sill with Aluminum anlge. Ready for the south columns. But thats a job for another day.

But of course, a day can't be all good. And so we had this little bit of news:

Yup. Thats a bummer. No idea what the issue is. They tell me this is pretty standard operating procedure around here though. We'll get the set back and see whats up, make some changes, and then re-submit. What it means though, is that we can't work on site until at least the 21st now. So we had to delay our steel delivery, since we can't be there working on it. Sigh. Just means things will be even more crunched come august.

Its ok though - I'm not worried. We'll figure out what the issue is and go from there. All we can do after all.

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