Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, Something I Aint had in Months . . .

A Day off.

West side of the pavilion, greenhouse and polycarb walls.

Well, we're not done - but we have to take a few days off for the holiday since both the site and the shop are locked up tight sunday and monday. I realized that I haven't had a single day off since I went up to the Berkshires for the 4th of July, and man does it feel weird not to be working. Weird, but awesome too.

We are all going back tuesday to finish up as much as we can. That will be the last time we'll all be there as a group since classes are starting up again and Meghan, Star and Paul will all be off to greener pastures soon. Nativo's crew will take over the finishing on a couple of the pieces (like installing railings, some finish woodwork, etc.) and then we'll come back in a few weeks to do the pavilion ceiling, once the pieces have been fabricated.

West side of the pavilion, the 'bars' are in around the west side columns and the countertops are in too. We still need to do the bottom half of the walls though.

Jason and Carrie got the 'wings' of the greenhouse in, and started putting up the perforated richlite panels that hide the trane under the greenhouse.

As far as I know, the only other big elements are the PV, finishing the pavilion walls, painting, and the electrical work which we'll get done over the next month or so when we can find time between classes. So we're sort of done. But not really. Man - one more full week would have really helped us, but we'll get it all done. Its coming together though, and I feel great about it.

Paul doing some plumbing on the sink.

Star putting up the polycarb on the pavilion walls. It looks so good now that it is all up - I love the combo of the aluminum, Ipe and polycarb.

Meghan and Grandpa Jon


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