Friday, March 14, 2008

Mid Review

The Mid Review went great! They really liked the project and seemed super happy about everything. There are still LOTS of details to work out but it seems like they thought the overall planning of the site is really successful! I think the presentation looked awesome and the model was fantastic. I'll post pics and stuff tonight but right now I need to get a bunch of stuff together and then catch the train up to Massachusetts. Disney here I come . . .

DL, Anne and Stephen - lovin' on the model.

Megan and Tory presenting the scheme's concept, plan and functions.

Johnny, rockin out with the PV.

I doesn't really matter what I was saying here. I Hadn't slept in so long at that point that it was probably all gibberish anyway. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be talking about materials, structures and construction stuff though.

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