Friday, September 5, 2008

As the Wind Blows

Apparently there is some sort of hurricane coming though tomorrow - so Johnny and I ran up the site this afternoon to batten down the hatches. Things look good - we'll see how she weathers her first big storm though.

North and East Side gardens and benches.

It was nice to be back on site, even if it was just for a minute. It is so weird to be back in school and it is even weirder to not be doing any real work. I can already feel my muscles disappearing. I'm starting a new blog that I'll use to record my semester (I know - who would want to read such a thing!? Talk about boring), and that way I can leave this one dedicated to the Workshop, since it'll be at least another few months before I can really say that the project it done.

Ahhh Polycarb. How are you so cool?

It is hard that the project it sort of floating on: not really ending but not really moving forward either. It is making it really really hard for me to get my head back into school. All I wanna do is be up on site working. Instead I'm back behind a computer researching and drawing and mapping. Sigh.

Alright- I'll post the link to my new blog once I have it up and running. For now, here's some better pics of the project. Hopefully I'll get some nicer ones from Jon and Solveig and I'll post them if I do.

View from the East Side into the Pavilion.

Inside the pavilion looking south.

Behind the south canopy - looking north.

The mosswall and bench.

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