Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Week Done Gone . . .

Monday's review went great. We all presented our revised schemes for the project. It was great to see how many different directions everyone had taken the site. I guess the idea is to come up with as many options as possible for the presentation to the clients on the 20th so that they have lots of different ideas to react to and can pick and choose which elements from each that they think are the most effective.

Meghan and I presenting our new scheme.

Meg and Star - I liked their work a lot - they were proposing this great art piece which functions as the 'beacon' to the neighborhood and their use of screening and materials was really great.

So after we all presented David split us into three groups - we'll be working in these groups until next wed when we will each present our programs to Anne and Stephen from NCS. Meghan and I are working with Margot, Carrie, John and Stephanie in the group of 6. We've been smooshing [thats a technical term] our projects together all week and we are starting to really get somewhere. Carrie has been really good about making us all work together in model so that we are forced to hash out all the stuff its easy to gloss over when you are working on your own. We spent all day today modeling at 3/16 scale and we are finally coming towards some resolutions in certain areas. I think we are all interested in looking at the same ideas of program, gardening and things like that - what we really need to develop is some consistent language which we can use to construct the form and give the entire thing an underlying organization.

We'll get there. We just need to keep kicking it around. I will say however that the vents are just a huge pain in the neck. Every time you turn around there is one of the damn things right in the way. I really have no idea just yet how we are going to deal with them. I'm working on a 3D model tonight so maybe I'll come up with some ideas once I can really see how the thing comes together.

Anyway, just some photos here of our group 'thinking in model' - Doug G. would be so proud.

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