Sunday, July 20, 2008

And to Top it all off . . . The Best Workshirts Ever

This week Star's Mom made me my new favorite thing in the whole wide world: My new workshirt.

Yup, it says Bob. My gray one says Al. I thought they sounded like great workshirt names. Not that 'Ed' isn't - but come on - you can't put your own name on a workshirt. Lets try and be a little more creative than that. The bummer of it is that I only have two. Gonna have to put in an order for at least one more. Maybe blue this time . . .

Aside from the the joy of the workshirts - we also had a lot of fun with our steel this week! We took a crew up Friday morning and we had that mish-mash of beams sorted out in under an hour. Yeah muscles! Way to go. We slung the 'light' (light is in quotes cus' by light I mean 'under 500 lbs) and just lugged them off to the side, then we rolled out the big suckers that are too heavy for us to carry.

Schulzie and Ralphie, steel workers from way back.

Carrie, Jason, Me, Jon and Kristen. These guys were too big to lift, so the best we could do was to roll them.

A little elbow grease will solve anything.

We got them all sorted out and then in the afternoon Johnny and I went back to start doing some layout. Saturday Johnson took the folks up and started blasting away at it - layin out, drillin holes: You know . . . Steel work. Yeah!

I spent the weekend trying to finish up the Greenhouse. We are about 95% right now - but you know how that last 5% is. Never ending. So, punchlists and finishing and hardware. Really close now.

But tomorrow I'm heading up to the site to begin laying out the masonry walls and footings on the existing roof. I know, I'm terrified. I still have no clear idea how I'm gonna do it. We have to somehow locate the existing 4th floor walls on the roof deck, perfectly accurately, and only then can we start laying out the footings, which also have to be perfect. So, yeah . . . I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck.

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