Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, Its On Site. Now What?

Well - there it is. One roof pavilion. Some assembly required.

Johnny and I were up on the site this morning and received the big steel - and now - its in! Thats one huge hurdle down. Now only about 75 more to go. But wow. This stuff is HUGE! And so heavy. I really have nooooo idea how were going to move it around. I'm taking a crew up tomorrow morning to try and pull apart this crazy birds-nest and then in the afternoon Johnny and I will start laying out.

The guys from Mega were awesome - they used their Lull to pull everything off the truck for us and cut a chunk of the fence out to slide the boom through. They've carved out a little spot down on their site for us to do our fabrication work as well; man, there is no way we could do this without their help - thank god they are so good about it all.

The Rapid Steel truck - all the steel was great - in fantastic condition, the welds were super clean, and everything was within a sixteenth. Incredible.

Johnny - checkin things out.

The guys from Mega - sliding through the construction fence with our steel on the Lull. Umm - yeah - they took that all in one load. About three thousand pounds I'd say. No problem right?

Yup. Thats a lot of steel.

But of course we aren't allowed to start fabrication until we get the permit thing sorted out. So we can't start the real drilling and fab work until then. Bummer. Its a huge relief to just have it on the site though. So we had to come back here for the afternoon, and I shifted into Greenhouse mode again. I got all the East side window frames built yesterday, started adjusting and fitting them today. Got some done on the rafter mullions as well. We are really close on this thing - a little more work and we'll have it finished. It is super beautiful too. I'm so happy with how it is turning out and I can't wait to see it all assembled on site. More to do tonight though, so I can't stay much longer. I'm up at 4:45 these days too so I can be on site by 7.\


Not great. Especially when you work till 11 every day.

East window detail.

East Side windows - all installed. We're leaving the Polycarb out for now - to keep it from getting damaged while we fabricate.

Yup. That, my friend, is how you do that.

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