Monday, June 2, 2008

And The Steel Stays!

We met with Stephen this morning and presented the over-budget version and he seemed to think it was all fine - no one is willing to let go of the steel enclosure, - and the PV as well, so we're gonna try and find some other ways to reduce the price I guess. He also signed off on the Black Locust so we put in the CitiLogs order today!!! Awesome. So glad thats in. I want to order steel footings and PV Bracket stock this week as well so that we can start fabricating next Monday. Harriet will be coming by to look at our new scheme and hopefully if she doesn't have any major changes - I can at least order the first part of the steel. We have until next Friday (given our current schedule) to order the big structural steel, so that gives us a pretty good chunk of time to make any changes if Harriet needs us to.

Before that though, Johnny and I will be back on the site taking as-builts of the 4th floor and confirming a bunch of stuff on the roof level. We ordered a laser level as well so we could get some reliable elevation numbers, but it didn't come yet so we'll have to go back Wed to get that (assuming it comes tomorrow). It's always good to get on site though and see what they're up to. Our roofer is supposed to be coming by the site tomorrow as well to chat with us. We need to have a licensed Carlisle roofer do the flashing around our steel footings, and we want to pick his brain about a couple of other things as well. Should be a productive visit.

Yeah PT! Lets go build things!

We also got a little load of lumber today and so we had to cram it all through the elevator and into our studio. Its all the PT stuff for the framing of the benches and planters and some for the moss wall too I think. Guy came with 179 2x6's even though we had apparently only ordered 17. Unfortunately no one noticed until we had the truck almost unloaded (I had no idea what was ordered, I just carry things.) So we got ourselves some good exercise loading and unloading trucks of lumber. That was fun ;)

Alright, have a hour and half commute to the site tomorrow (yeah, I know - can't wait till I get to do that everyday) so I should head home. I'll post site pics tomorrow though so you can see where they're at.

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