Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Last Night of Design Workshop Studio 2008

Last night of studio.

And that, as they say in the movies, is a wrap. Tonight was the last night of studio for the Design Workshop this year. Our huge presentation to everybody is tomorrow at 2. Don't get me wrong - there is still a TON of work yet to do before construction begins, and there is still a TON of work to do before tomorrow's show, but tonight was the last official night of studio class. Weird. The mock ups have all come out amazing - I'll post real pics as soon as I can get some. Ive been on my feet building 18 hrs a day since friday and I'm dead tired right now. The greenhouse mockup is so cool though - the materials look amazing together and the detailing is incredible. Its one of those structures that looks simple from the outside but is super complicated inside and has fasteners hidden inside almost every element. I'm really into it right now. We have to hang it tomorrow - we're putting it in the window for the presentation so the sun shines through it making the Polycarb look awesome and the dichroic will be creating tons of color. I can't wait to see it in action.

Greenhouse detail during construction.

The structure/steel mockup is super cool too. Johnny did an amazing job with the steel and Steph and Jon did a ton of work to make the kitchen fantastic. Carrie and I put together the greenhouse portion tonight and it is exciting to so many aspects of the project come together in a single corner.

We still have a lot to do tomorrow before things are ready. The plotters were down at school today (naturally) and so we had to bring everything over to the Knowledge Union to print. They sent everything that we had left to print and I have to go in to check on it at 6:30 this morning. I know - sounds stupid to go in so early, but I might need time to resend everything if it didn't make it out for some reason. Stupid computers - I wish they would just work. So keep your fingers crossed for me that everything runs smoothly. We also only got like half of everything else setup (all the old proposals/process work, site data, etc.) so we have plenty of hanging yet to so. Plus shinning up the mockups and installing our greenhouse in the window which isn't going to be a ten minute operation. So . . . many miles yet to travel before it is time to have a drink (or two).

Cast rubber gloves. Hey - all that extra concrete has to go somewhere after all :)

But still . . . this is the last night of the semester, and it feels a little funny. I just know that after tonight, things will be different. It is so easy to let this program take over every piece of your life that when it is gone - all you end up with is that empty, disoriented feeling that I hate so much. It is also hard for me to know that people who, for the last 4 months I've spent 18hrs a day- 7 days a week, with won't be as big a part of my life after today. That is one of those things I've never gotten used to, no matter how many times it has happened to me: how amazing people float in, and ultimately out, of our lives. Still though - I know that change is one of the best parts of life too - but even though it can be wonderful, it is always hard.

Regardless, this is the most amazing program I've ever been part of and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do something which is so fulfilling, so much fun, and with so many amazing people. And really, we are only half over! We still have to build this thing after all ;)

but for right now, it is 3:45am and I'm going to take nap for a couple hours before I have to head to the printers. More when I have time.

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