Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Ah the Berkshires.

Well I just got back from spending a few days up in the country. Sure was nice to get out of the city for a bit. Back to work today though. The Berkshires were as nice as ever. A little rain - but we all still had fun. It was great to see all my family too. Ohh - and eating real food for a change wasn't so bad either ;)

I got to go see the big project my dad is putting together these days too - this $6 mill, 13,000 sf crazy house. It is really incredible - but huge! All glass and Steel and curves. Really wild.

Entrance Side. They had to do a lot of blasting to cut the foundation into the top of this hill.

Back Side.

The back side is solid glass sliding doors. All German, mahogany, disappearing corners and blind sill. Wow. Would hate to see what the AC bill for a 120ft of glass wall looks like though.

Main wing to the left, bedroom wing to the right.

All the roofs are have curved bellies and huge overhangs. And the whole thing is sort of cut into the stone.


The siding is all 4" ship-lapped mahogany (i think mahogany) with a dato down the center to make it look like thin slatting. Slick.

Entrance hall, 120-ish feet long. Anybody like to bowl?

Cantilevered Steel WT's for the shades around the guest tower. Don't ask me how those are staying up - cus' I have no idea.

Kitchen - one of two huge rooms with the sliding glass walls and the curved ceilings.

The clerestory glass above the sliding doors slice right into the ceiling without any trim. Hope you have good tapers.

I'm sure I'm about to say something intelligent. No. Really.

The grill gang. Might have wolfed down waaay too much food, waaay too fast. Ugg.

And in other good news - I stumbled on this photo from our very first visit to the site way back in January. Guess we don't have to worry about whether the Lull can reach our roof any more! Alright - back to work for me. Assembling columns today. Installing tomorrow!

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